What We Do

Telluride Natural Stone and Reclaimed Wood stands proudly as the largest and most capable production facility for natural stone, reclaimed wood, and reclaimed brick products in the South Western United States. This page serves as a guide for what we do and how we do it to give you confidence in the products and services we provide.


Our factory is a 22,000 square foot facility with 10 stone saws, 2 stone splitters, and 5 wood milling machines.

Our state of the art machinery allows us near unlimited customization capabilities for any job you may have, all while maintaining the capability to produce mass quantities without sacrificing quality.

Natural Stone

Due to our incredible production facility we are able to produce any natural stone masonry product your project requires. From stone mantles to inch thick coping, we have vast capabilities allowing us to provide you with what you need.

Thin Veneer – We produce natural stone veneer right here in the valley on-site. What this means for you is a much shorter lead time and complete customization of blends, shape, and dimensional cuts of the stone.

Full Size Material – Most of our natural stone comes to us full size, and is available for purchase as is.

Stone Mantles – Stone beams are brought into our yard and are manufactured into mantles as well as water features (fountains).

Pavers – We offer a variety of manufactured paver and brick products that range from paint grade brick to porcelain pavers. In addition, we offer specialty driveway and patio pavers. The selection we offer is sourced from a variety of vendors to provide you with the widest selection possible.

Caps – Our factory’s capabilities allow for us to produce custom sized caps for any application. This includes three types of edge finishes; snapped edge, saw cut edge, and chiseled edge. (Note that maximum sizing for snapped edging is 36”x36”)

Reclaimed Wood and Milling

Our 5 different wood milling machines allow us to produce a wide variety of reclaimed wood products. From a small, wood flooring remodel to a custom built timber package that we assemble at our facility, we are able to handle both very large and smaller projects.

Box Beams – We manufacture reclaimed box beams to any and all custom specifications required for your project.

Timber Packages – When a project requires a substantial amount of timbers we go through the architectural specifications and put together a package specifically fit for your project. Additionally, we make sure every beam is hand selected for its specific function.

Mantles – Wood mantles from timbers or boards can be custom designed to any specifications with very high color control.

Barn Board – We source only genuine reclaimed wood from all over North America, bringing a unique product to our customers that evokes an authentic experience in any application.

Flooring/Siding – We mill reclaimed wood and barn board in house to fill any of your flooring or siding needs. We produce siding with extremely consistent quality providing a product that is easy to work with and install.
*All wood is treated for insects as soon as it enters our facilities

Reclaimed Brick

We offer numerous variations of authentic reclaimed brick, which brings a sense of originality to each and every project. We offer full size brick, corners, and veneer. Our reclaimed brick is in very high demand so please contact us right away if you are interested in this product.

Masonry Products

White Mortar (80lb Bag)
Cream Mortar (80lb Bag)
Grey Mortar (80lb Bag)
Brown Mortar (80lb Bag)
Stone Setting (50lb Bag)


We offer statewide and nationwide shipping for all our products. Lead times may vary with different products and specialty orders. Please contact us for an appropriate estimate.